The Importance Of Opinion

Most of us are familiar with the saying about opinions. It’s obviously true. Everybody does in fact have “one”…… as well as the bodily orifice attributed to the saying. The connotation of course is that opinions are plentiful, and by such abundance, not worth very much. It strikes me that the underlying inference is also that having a strong, outspoken persuasion on matters is a bad thing. That is small minded thinking…. in my opinion.

Some time back, it was indicated to me that I was opinionated. Imagine that. Somebody who takes the time to write thoughtful , lengthy commentaries might be prone to strong opinion. Shocking! By the way this was communicated, it was clear that the speaker meant it mostly as on observation rather than as an insult. Regardless, there was still an undertone of negativity. It was clear that the words were chosen with care.

What this person didn’t realize is that the courtesy was unnecessary. I take it as a roundabout compliment to be viewed as opinionated, with the caveat ” informed”. Taking the time to be thoughtful and informed is what I look for, and respect in others, even when our views butt heads.  Their opposing perspective forces me to think deeper, reevaluate, and ultimately encourages growth.

Having an informed opinion suggests to me that a person is a thinker.  Not necessarily a so-called intellectual, however that is defined, but a thinker nonetheless. And that is seemingly rare these days. Wait, didn’t I begin this post by claiming that opinions are plentiful?  Well, yes in a manner they are. But thoughtful opinions however, and the willingness to express them publicly in a mature fashion, are not. A cursory examination of any social media platform bears this out.

This works in tandem beautifully with the idea that if you tell a lie often enough, people will swallow it… hook, line, and sinker.

Expressing your thoughts online is one thing. Doing it in person is quite another. This is because modern etiquette discourages communicating in our daily circles the opinions formed from “thinking”. Its considered bad form in most social situations like weddings, graduation parties or National Night Out gatherings.  We’re bound to offend somebody. Do it at work and you’re going to get fired.  But “what about social media?” you might counter. Oh sure, there are plenty of opinions posted on Twitter, Facebook etc. commenting on relevant social issues. However, the vast majority of these are shallow, knee jerk responses based largely upon emotions and partisanship rather than well reasoned thought and study.  And while those posts are a baby step in the right direction,  you’re just as likely to find the latest mind numbing, brain dumbing, narcissistic app or meme to entertain the bread and circuses masses.  Sadly, much of today’s technology is the true “opium of the people” rather than the organized religion that Karl Marx defined it as. What the Leonardo spoof below is holding in his hands is representative of some of that opium of today…. vice and entertainment .

idiocracy description

Social media is largely useless. Frankly, much of what I see on them makes me embarrassed for humanity. A saying these days is that “60 is the new 40″. By that math, what does that make far too many of our 20-40 year olds?….you know… the future leaders…. and they get to vote. Scary. We really need to grow up as a nation.

So its not necessarily the lack of possessing opinions in our society. Its that most folks neither harbor eloquent opinions, nor express them if they do. Why is that?

Its simple really. We live in the era of hyper sensitivity, identity politics and inflamed class warfare. If I may be so bold…. this is all by the intentional design of those who wish to further their control over society – the central banks, media elite, corporations, BIG academia,  and the intelligentsia. Their secret societies aren’t secret at all.

They have colluded to provide social media as a substitute outlet for expression, but only controlled expression. In other words… social engineering. Speak against the machine, and you are likely to get censored. Conservative voices across the most relevant social  platforms are being stifled.  When this abuse is called out, the excuse is laid at the feet of  the”algorithms” that basically filter out what the programmers arbitrarily have deemed to be inappropriate and offensive – read: not in line with the wishes of their globalist masters. This leads to only a singular line of reasoning being presented for mass consumption. Easily manipulated, difficult to oppose. This works in tandem beautifully with the idea that if you tell a lie often enough, people will swallow it… hook, line, and sinker.

So I want to encourage you to “think”. Don’t coast mindlessly thru your time on earth only fluttering after the latest entertainment and leisure distraction. Determine what is important in life in regards to the “big picture” of  morals and values. Exercise due diligence and examine these issues to develop an informed opinion about them.

Bust of Socrates

Secondly, communicate. Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself. Post YOUR thoughtful opinions online, rather than simply sharing someone’s meme. but more importantly, communicate in person. But do so with tact in both occasions. The unabated exchange of informed ideas is a keystone of society. While there is value in knowing when to reserve your tongue, one makes zero positive impact by keeping the mute button on indefinitely. The Bible advises us to not cast our pearls before the swine. But it also tells us that a lamp that remains covered sheds no light.

Its up to you. You can pursue the intellectual like Socrates. Or wind up like these guys.


dumb and dumber






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