Open Borders? What the….

Authoring Constitutuion graphic
Sovereignty??? What were these “xenophobes” thinking?

If you’re an open border, anti-nationalist, what are you celebrating tomorrow, the Fourth of July…. otherwise known as ….. INDEPENDENCE day?

Seems to me that the colonial declaring of independence, establishing NATIONAL sovereignty, developing a national culture based upon inalienable rights and the Judeo-Christian values as reflected in the Constitution rather than accepting England’s rule …… is the antithesis of everything you’re clamoring for.  Insert head scratching here.

So tomorrow should be nothing special for you. No fireworks, no red, white, and blue, no BBQ, no nationalistic pride whatsoever. Certainly no paid holiday time off for a holiday whose essence you reject.

This is part of the birth pangs that God told us about.

In fact, I would have more respect for your character if you had enough integrity, enough courage of your convictions to eschew this nationalistic holiday. You should go to your job, or volunteer your day doing charitable work. Because there is nothing about what tomorrow represents that is even remotely consistent with what you proclaim to stand for. Nothing about tomorrow supports your open borders, anti-nationalistic, pro-ILLEGAL immigration view. Nothing.

I’m a nationalist in the conventional definition of the term, and I’ll make no apologies for it. What I, and millions of others are, is entirely different than the white supremacist, bigot, racist, xenophobe that the progressive / socialist left button pushers would have you believe. They excel at historical revisionism and redefining terms to suit their agendas.

To be anything other than a nationalist was virtually unheard of until recently. Everybody waved the stars and stripes the past 50 years.. roughly my lifespan. Both major political parties, for all their differences, jointly clung to nationalistic aspects of their party platforms.

young patriots
THIS is what a nationalistic melting pot looks like.

Until now that is. Now it is politically advantageous for some of them to profess otherwise in roundabout ways and actions. The ends essentially justify the means according to the disciples of Saul Alinsky ya’know. And if you don’t know by now who that worthless piece of excrement was, do some research.

For many, political allegiance runs just as deep as it does for the allegiance of sports fans. Most fans tend to support a specific sports team based on the region they grew up in. Does this make them “regionalists”? Or should every fan cheer for every team to win the championship? Sounds pretty ludicrous doesn’t it? That is essentially what the push against nationalism believes in – open borders, no distinct national identity, we’re all the same, America isn’t exceptional.

Boston fans love yanks
The Major League Baseball version of anti-nationalism.

America isn’t perfect by any means. Among other immoral iniquities, I’m ashamed of the American holocaust.. the slaughter of tens of millions of babies in the womb. But America is still my team. It is still the last, best hope for a mostly civilized world. I pledge allegiance to its flag, to its sovereignty, its culture, its Constitutional process, and most importantly…. to its Judeo-Christian God upon which it was founded.  I’ll be celebrating all those things tomorrow. I hope you, with full understanding of what it represents, will sincerely embrace it, and celebrate as well.

And be wise. Be alert. Be attentive to the signs of the times. The discord we see in the United States and internationally has been foretold. This is part of the birth pangs that God told us about.

Anti-nationalism isn’t occurring simply due to happenstance. It can only inevitably lead to a globalist society where no nation is any different than the next for the most part. A one world government paves the way for a singular leader to emerge ….. whoever could that be? Hint: Read the book of Revelation.




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