Buy Once, Cry Once

Brrrrr. Much of the nation finds itself in the throes of a deep arctic freeze. The local forecast is warning of low daytime temps in the -20's.  Along with that, the first significant snowfall, atypically delayed, has finally descended upon our parts in Minnesota. Perfect timing.  As I had the day off, I could attend …

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Ant Or Grasshopper

When my journey towards preparedness initiated, the winds of the Great Recession were howling. As I became more aware of measures one should take to contend with potential catastrophes, I was reminded of Aesop's fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper. Its the perfect allegory for the EP (emergency preparedness) mindset: prep now, play later. There …

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Garden Lottery

The itch is back. And its arrived a tad earlier than normal.  I'm not speaking of the dry skin that results from being cooped up for the winter enveloped in the heat delivered by forced air, radiator, or wood fire. No, I'm talking about the gardening itch that many of us get about this time …

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