Garden Lottery


The itch is back. And its arrived a tad earlier than normal.  I’m not speaking of the dry skin that results from being cooped up for the winter enveloped in the heat delivered by forced air, radiator, or wood fire. No, I’m talking about the gardening itch that many of us get about this time of year in the northlands.

To be clear, spring is not right around the corner. The calendar confirms this, and is unbending on the matter. But thoughts of seedlings have begun to dance in my  head.  Maybe its due to the uncharacteristically warm winter we’ve experienced thus far. (And as I type, some arctic reality is about to confront us in just a few days.) Or maybe I’ve finally learned from the past when I’ve told myself  “next year…. I’m going to start earlier and be more organized”.

Whatever the cause, the holiday season is over. The Packers chose to opt  out of post season football, and the days are still too short for my liking.  What else is there to do? I’ve practically no choice but to start thinking about my garden plan for this year. Which brings me back to the same conundrum I face every year. Too many things I want to grow, not enough garden space. Lots of decisions need to me weighed and made pretty soon. Do I grow for our personal home needs? Or is this the year I finally dedicate to growing with a front yard stand in mind? Its this process, that usually holds things up and sets me to scrambling in mid April to still get a jump on the growing season.

So what does this have to do with the lottery? Watch the video to see what I mean.



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