Ant Or Grasshopper

ant grasshoopper
Ants are wise and prepared. Grasshoppers….. not so much.

When my journey towards preparedness initiated, the winds of the Great Recession were howling. As I became more aware of measures one should take to contend with potential catastrophes, I was reminded of Aesop’s fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper. Its the perfect allegory for the EP (emergency preparedness) mindset: prep now, play later.

There are some indicators that the winds of another recession may be beginning to swirl.  According to economists we are overdue for a downturn. Markets eventually correct, and we have been flying high for awhile. That won’t last indefinitely. And the understanding is that the longer a correction is prolonged, the harder the fall will be. Popular thought is that we are years past the normal cycle.

Mankind tends to be creatures of comfort. Its natural for us to take the path of least resistance. And we do. Work smarter not harder, right? For better and for worse, the post industrial revolution lifestyle circa 2019 affords us a lot of comfort. To be sure, we are no longer “walking uphill both ways in 5 feet of snow” like our parents and grandparents of 100 years ago used to do. We just have to be able to reach our smartphone.

And there is nothing wrong with utilizing the comforts of our modern technologies. But just beware of allowing them to seduce you into a state of vulnerability.  Be like the ants, and take measures to prepare alongside the comforts that the grasshoppers indulge in, and depend on.

I want to encourage you to undertake activities of self reliance such as…..




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