Grid Down Winter Water Supply



If you go and do a dang fool thing like buy a house in the north without a basement, you are faced with some EP challenges that others are not. Specifically, the inability to store extra water in rain barrels.

After a mild start to winter, it has come roaring at us with a vengeance the past couple of weeks. From several days of deep, bone rattling cold reaching -25 to -30 degrees, to several waves of significant snowfall, its been… a fairly typical February in Minnesota.

It’s the kind of stretch that makes a fella pine for more than just his Valentine. Bring on spring, so we can get back to growing organics again. Hibernating until the end of March would suit me just fine.

Today I had a break from the wage slavery gig that most of us are shackled to. It did not go to waste. There was plenty of work right here at home. After 7 hours outside, 3 rooftops to rake, a long driveway to blow out, and adding to the snow mound for my kids…. I’m beat. Going to let the video do the talking.

Here are some brief thoughts during a respite from today’s snow relocation project.

So what do you do for emergency water? Tell me in the comment section.

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