Middle East: Madness Or Prophecy

Russia turkey alliance 3

Man does not live by organic bread alone. Christian agrarians, it is important to not only tend to the growing of our gardens, but to also tend to the growing of our personal, spiritual maturity. This is accomplished by a combination of several activities: praise, worship, prayer, fellowship, and service to name a few. Chief among them is Bible study.

God wrote a book. Its a historical best seller. And millions of people read it. But many of them also ignore large sections of it. The sections I’m referring to are those that deal with eschatology, which means the study of the last days. Its better known as end times prophecy.

As believers in Christ, we grow from spiritual scratch. Our development, our sanctification is aided by our knowledge of scripture, the whole scripture. When one mention’s the words ” end times prophecy” to other fellow Christians, the common reaction is a mildly perceptible glazing or rolling of the eyes. Some of you are doing it right now.

Most believers that I have encountered simply do not have an interest in this aspect of God’s word.  Partially because they never pursue it on their own. Partially because they aren’t exposed to it from the pulpit. Most pastors and priests choose to avoid the prophetic altogether. It would seem to me that God wrote the entire Bible for a reason. He intended it all to be read and studied. A willful dismissal of the end of days scriptures as recorded by Daniel, John, Ezekiel and others, is surely an affront to the Lord. And worse. It may be a sin of omission. I believe it is.

Ezekiel’s prophecy, written thousands of years ago, is amazingly specific and relatable to modern geopolitical reality.

The book of Revelation is the most well known of the prophetic writings. At its very beginning God informs us “blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near.” Does that sound like we are supposed to put prophecy on the shelf and forget about it? Why so many church leaders deny their flocks this spiritual bread is beyond me. They possess a unique accountability to God, and He will surely query them as to why they stifled these teachings.

The reason I broach this subject is in light of current events.  Recently, President Trump began removing U.S. troops from Syria. This is relevant because Syria is a pathway to Israel. This development combined with other events is shaping up to allow some important prophecy to unfurl. Do you have eyes to see?

The following is something I posted to my Facebook last year regarding the alliances being formed in that region which appear to be fulfilling prophecy. The President’s recent removal of all but a smattering of our defenses in Syria is something to keep an eye on.

Here’s the post……

iran turkey russian leaders alliance
Kings of the north

This isn’t Nostradamus nonsense. This is the real thing. A major end times Bible prophecy appears to be taking shape. Ezekiel 38-39 prophecies of the Gog and Magog war. I encourage you to go read and study it for yourself. http://www.trackingbibleprophecy.org/gog_magog.php

In a nutshell… Ezekiel describes a future time when the land of Israel will be surrounded and attacked by a coalition of her enemies (primarily Islam). God steps in and defeats this force supernaturally which will draw many Jews to come back to Him.

Russia turkey alliance 1

Recently, a Turkish newspaper citing the website of the Sadat company (http://sadat.com.tr/) which has close ties to President Erdogan, suggested the formation of just such a coalition of Islamic nations to fight Israel. While that alone does not confirm the fulfillment of the prophecy, its hard to argue that it isn’t planting the seed. Ezekiel’s prophecy, written thousands of years ago, is amazingly specific and relatable to modern geopolitical reality. Given that much of Islam fights amongst itself, it would seem unlikely that there would be a call for an alliance of this magnitude. Are we to believe that such a joint military operation would so perfectly align with a uniquely specific prophecy by mere coincidence?

For those who reject Christ as Lord and savior, or who may largely be Christian in name only, I strongly urge you to consider this prophecy and keep a watchful eye for the assembling of this coalition. It’s right there in that Turkish newspaper for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. It cannot be denied. This unholy assembly may take many years to come together. But it will happen. And as you witness it, I hope you come to understand that if this part of the Bible is true, so is the rest of it.

Russia turkey alliance 2

When the Bible says we must come to understand and then admit we are sinners deserving of eternal punishment, it’s true. When the Bible informs us that we must turn away from (repent) of our sins, it’s true. When it tells us that God sent his only Son, to live a sinless life, but would willingly take the punishment of death in order that our sin could be forgiven, it’s true. When God tells us that we can be forgiven and gain eternal life by accepting what Christ did for us…… it is true.

The doubting apostle Thomas would not believe until he touched the wounds of the risen Lord. If nothing else convinces you, I hope that the Ezekiel prophecy will, and that your doubt would be removed just as it was for Thomas.

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