Public Display Of ….. Faith?

2016 MACHE Conference in Duluth, MN

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….. still!

Staring at the aftermath of unprecedented snowfall measures as we exit February,  it reminds me of a couple of things. It hearkens my mind back to the crazy April blizzard of 2018. This in turn reminds me of where my wife and I were at the time, and why.

As homeschool parents, we were attending the annual MACHE conference in Rochester, MN. Its an excellent gathering of predominantly, but not exclusively, Christian parents. MACHE is open to all who desire to wrest back control of their children’s education from those who wish to indoctrinate the students into radical leftist ideologies. There is comfort and strength in numbers. The conference reminds us that in a world full of God hating depravity, we’re not alone in our values. This particular “narrow path” has plenty of travelers. Millions nationwide actually.

We had booked a hotel for Friday night with intentions to return home to the Twin Cities the next day after the conference had wrapped up. The weather had other plans. As the snow continued to pile up, all the major roadways heading north were officially closed by the state. So an unplanned second night at the hotel was in store. We are frugal. Instead of eating out for every meal, we had brought some food with us. But we didn’t expect to be staying another night, and didn’t have enough for another meal. And that was okay. This amounted to a bonus date night of sorts. Our hotel was located within blocks of several bars and restaurants.  So we trudged through nearly a foot of beautiful virgin snow to reach our desired eatery.

It was from this experience that I’m about to re-post what I published to my Facebook last year.

“Never been stranded before this past weekend. We attended the annual Minnesota Homeschool conference in Rochester, along with a few thousand other revolutionaries. It became apparent when the road closures started, that we would be staying until Sunday. Not according to plan, but it’s always invigorating to rally together with like-minded Christians. Especially in ways we don’t expect.

Saturday night we dined out at a mildly swanky place (by our standards) within walking distance of our budget accommodations. Shortly after we were seated, a table next to us with moms and kids (no doubt fellow MACHE conference attendees) clasped their hands, bowed their heads and gave thanks for the meal in a non showy, matter of fact sort of way. My heart leapt! How sad is the state of our world that this small routine act undertaken in public should make me react that way.

After their meal, the kids dispersed, and the moms stayed behind for social time. As we left, I could not help but interrupt their conversation. I commended them on their public display of faith, and informed them we do the same thing.  Iron sharpens iron the Bible says.  So encourage other Christians.  Imagine the influence we  might have on our sick society if millions of believers who dine out every day, undertook this simple act of giving thanks publicly before they ate.” 

That was an uplifting evening! And the way the snow keeps falling this winter, maybe we will have a similar scenario next month.  The 2019 MACHE conference is right around the corner April 11-13 in St. Paul  Consider joining the homeschool revolution!

MACHE logo


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