Wish Books For Gardeners

Long before the online Amazon Empire obliterated its brick and mortar rival, the retail world was ruled by many overlords. The competitive realm of consumer market place was battled over by several independent kingdoms. Some of the most prominent among them were the legendary houses of Ward, Penney, Sears and Roebuck. Their primary weapon in …

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EP On Vacation: Part 1

This is no LOL matter. It's time to unleash a new acronym upon the world. Drum roll please. I'm talking about EP.  It is my acronym for a mindset and a lifestyle. Its about taking proactive measures to deal with unexpected situations that arise in life. It simply stands for "emergency preparedness". Oh sure, it …

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Homemade Mosquito Warfare Spray

Here is a news flash for you. Mosquitoes are not fretting about terrorism, electromagnetic pulses, or economic collapse. They simply don't care if the grid stops working. In fact, they would likely even rejoice! Think of it from their perspective. No more DEET. No more billows of repellent laced smoke wafting near the prized, fleshy …

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