Homemade Mosquito Warfare Spray

mosquito blood

Here is a news flash for you. Mosquitoes are not fretting about terrorism, electromagnetic pulses, or economic collapse. They simply don’t care if the grid stops working. In fact, they would likely even rejoice!

Think of it from their perspective. No more DEET. No more billows of repellent laced smoke wafting near the prized, fleshy targets lounging on their patios and decks. And an end to the enticing lights that beckon, than rebuke with a quick and fatal ZZZAP! No more grayish piles of their buddies’ corpses evidencing the betrayal of instinct.

Yes, the mama mosquitoes would dance a dance of joy indeed should us human blood banks find ourselves without electricity for several years.  Without power and the industrial manufacturing to produce these banes of the blood sucking world, we would be fair game. Modern humans would have to resort to the defenses of our ancestors. Indigenous peoples worldwide learned to rub mud on their skin. Others relied on camp or cook fire smoke. The keenest among them observed that certain plants provided a deterrent effect.

As much as we despise them, God included these pesky vampires as part of his creation. That sometimes makes us scratch our head. Or worse. It may even cause us to shake our fist at Him. These mobile syringes are well known as disease carriers. My childhood household can personally attest to that. I have a sister in heaven that  I have yet to meet because of 60’s era encephalitis.  At the risk of getting off track and overly personal,  I’d like to share a brief poem that I wrote about her when I was  young, and even more fledgling as a writer.  I’ve never shared it before, not even to my kin. You can click HERE to read it.


Despite the ability of mosquitoes to spread disease, they play a role in the overall ecological food chain as designed by God.  Everything He created is good.

And so, it must be too, that mosquitoes are good.  I do wonder however, if they existed in the Garden of Eden. Presumably the pests arrived after the fall.  Would not paradise seem much less paradisaical if Adam and Eve were swatting “skeeters”?

Thankfully, even though they are part of our world, God also provided us natural tools with which to combat them. Mud and smoke I mentioned before. But one of the simplest and most well known defenses is  of course the use of plants. He has provided several to work with. Lavender, lemon grass, and basil are but a few.

Now imagine the grid is down. Imagine if we were limited once again to the use of plants as a primary bulwark of defense. Among the many other hardships we would be reintroduced to, fighting these dive bombers would be a miserable exercise. Might it not be a good idea to experiment with strategically growing God’s gift of naturally repellent plants?

I think so. As an added incentive, it appeals to me for the sake of our kids, and our daughter in particular.  She is one of those poor souls whose skin reacts more violently to the bite than others. Known as Skeeter syndrome, the itchy red welts are caused by the way some immune systems respond to the proteins in the insects saliva. The allergic reaction is obviously unsightly and bothersome.

REPELThe easiest way to ruin a perfectly gorgeous summer evening is to have your kids opting to stay inside. Yes, we keep plenty of the commercial bug sprays on hand. Still, slathering your growing children in chemicals is not an optimal solution. There are natural repellents on the market like Repel DEET Free. We have tried several with various degrees of success.

Still, my mind reverts back to a stance of self reliance and grid down preparedness.

The chemical and non chemical products would not be a quick trip to the store away.  Why not grow my own? Why not make my own? That’s what I tried a few summers ago. It’s still a work in progress as you will see in the video below. Now to learn about Witch Hazel and homemade vodka…..

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Happy Growing and God Bless!



3 thoughts on “Homemade Mosquito Warfare Spray

  1. I allow 5-gallon bucket under the eaves of my garage to fill with water…wait for the mosquitoes to lay their eggs, which become wriggly larvae…pour the water on my plants. Thus destroying a generation of mosquitoes w/o much fuss at all.


    1. In a roundabout way, I do the same thing. Not so much for killing the eggs, but for collecting rain water. I have buckets and barrels to irrigate my garden with captured rain water off the eaves. The bonus is screening out the baby skeeters when I can!


      1. I prefer having control over being able to kill the mosquito eggs. They will lay the eggs somewhere. My system encourages them to lay them where I can then kill them. And, the water goes right onto the plants.

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