Back To Eden Gardening…. Sort Of

The power grid was definitely not in operation when the world's first organic food producer, Adam, tended to the original garden. He had Father God, mother nature, his wits, and elbow grease. That was all he required initially to coax food from the ground. Eventually he lost a rib, but gained a co-op partner in …

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Survival Gardening For National Nightmares

Can you imagine living in Venezuela right now? More importantly.....  have you ever imagined living like that?  Have you ever seriously stopped to think about the ramifications of an economic collapse? Your money is virtually worthless. Wide ranging power blackouts, almost no food, eating pets and whatever stray animals can be obtained. They are essentially …

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Re-purpose It Challenge

What are these, and what could they be used for? Here is the setup. Whatever your flavor of grid down disaster is, pretend that it has taken place. Economic collapse, nuclear war, EMP. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that the electric power grid is down for a good long time. Years perhaps. The …

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