One Of These Things Doesn’t Belong Here


Pardon the unrehearsed, spur of the moment singing. I was a better blues singer back in the day than a “classic children’s programming jingle” singer.

In an earlier article, I posed the question “to till or not to till”. In the spirit of “throwback Thursday”, here is a short video from just a few years ago. Definitely a stage of transitional thinking for me.

It was about this time that I was beginning to wrestle more seriously with how I view what prepper gardening should really entail. It also overlapped a time frame when I was still pretty raw as a food grower.  My particular ideals regarding emergency preparedness and survival gardening were yet embryonic.

It certainly presented an undeniable tug of war between internal agendas that gnawed at me. Should I garden for gardening sake or for preparedness? Instinctively, it was important to me to learn to provide some of the food for my families’ table.  Even if that meant reliance upon the industrial system remaining in tact, it just made sense for a host of reasons.  At the same time, I was working to wean our larder off of complete reliance on that very same industrial system. This working in the soil “hobby” was attending to several birds with a single stone. There was just some unrelenting irony involved.

Don’t get me wrong.  Gas powered tillers are nice. They have their place. I would have never begun this journey without one, and I’ll probably use mine again in the future. Still, I looked at this wonderful machine at the time of this video, and I couldn’t deny the sense of contradiction it presented. Self reliance which depends upon an engine and it’s industrial resources for parts and fluids…. isn’t self reliance. Deep down, I believe every prepper senses the same thing.

Use the conveniences that technology provides, but also learn how to do things from scratch. You will thank me if and / or when the power grid goes becomes a thing we tell our children and grandchildren about around a campfire….. “well… see now… back in my day….”.

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