Emergency Prepper Or Metro Jethro


hemi commercial jon reep
“That thing got a hemi?” Classic commercial with comedian Jon Reep.

“She’s my girl, she’s putting up with me….” Those are some lyrics I wrote about my wife in this swinging blues song from my former band Cool Disposition.  She does indeed put up with some of my quirky self reliance practices. God bless her!

The thought has certainly not escaped me that my brand of emergency preparedness may at times, portray me as a bit of hick.  There is a saying that you can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy. Guilty as charged.

Thirty years after relocating to the concrete jungle, I’m still very much a fish out of water. So yes, I’m definitely a “citybilly”, or what hilarious, blue collar comedian Jon Reep once riffed about as a “Metro Jethro”. It’s a well contrived schtick that effectively reflects a bit of reality which some of us can identify with. Practices of rednecks and preppers sometimes overlap. Even if unintentionally.


Readers of this blog who are new to a grid down style of EP certainly must view these backyard photos as odd.  Maybe the neighbors do too. When looking from the outside, it’s easy to see how my peculiar approach to gardening from an emergency preparedness perspective might raise eyebrows. Most people value the tidy appearance of their property far more than practicing self sufficiency.  Understandable. The industrial revolution has conditioned us towards convenience and dependence. Thankfully, I have cool neighbors on either side, and they’re the only folks who might get an eyeful of my endeavors. Additionally, I don’t leave my yard looking like this all the time either.

So if you haven’t already scrolled ahead to view the pictures, you might be wondering what I’m getting at. What this article is about is grid down rain water collection.

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Keeping a surplus of water might seem like wasted energy to everyday hustle and bustle people. Most of these same folks are also aware that a person doesn’t live very long without access to water. Somehow, they fail to connect the dots. But those of us with a prepper mindset are well aware of just how easily the faucets could stop working. It makes plain, good sense to keep a supply of water on hand. Maybe not to the level that I do, but always keep at least a week’s worth in stock. Even though we are experiencing one of the rainiest years on record, that doesn’t mean that God couldn’t shut off the rain taps. Maybe a drought is around the corner. Common gardening belief is that rain water is better than city water for irrigating your  produce. Not to mention its free. Free from a cost perspective, and free of industrial water treatment chemicals. I’m going to harvest it while it is abundant.

This subject has been touched on in previous articles.  You might remember this from  February.  Some preppers set up marvelous water collection systems utilizing the gutters on their homes, and channeling it to a daisy chain of rain barrels. That is an excellent way to do it, and there are plenty of Youtubes demonstrating this approach. I do not engage in this as I do not have gutters at present. So I’m left with a more “bare bones” approach. It doesn’t have to be rocket science.

If your children are grown, but you still have kiddie pools …..

….. you might be married to a prepared metro jethro!

This is as grid down as it gets. God sends the rain, it finds its way to my “collection units”, and I transport it to storage. I keep several 55 gallon drums full of rain water. Most stay near the house, but with the addition of the back garden, I’m keeping a drum out there as well. Carrying water is good exercise. A grid down scenario would eliminate our nation’s obesity problem very quickly.

And did you notice the redneck funnel I use? It is exactly what it appears to be… just an old laundry soap container with the bottom cut off. Sure, I could use a standard, industrial funnel from the store, but I prefer to use what I have on hand.  A furring strip pushed through it into the barrel helps to keep it in place while I dump the water.  It’s not perfect, but it works.

And here’s a tip…. if you spin the terminology, and refer to it as “re-purposing”, it won’t be viewed as redneck, or citybilly, or metro jethro. Now its “eco-friendly’.  The world is a funny place!

How much water do you have in storage right now? Would it be enough to get your family through a week with the power grid  shut down? Think about it, and post your answers in the comments section.

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