The Joy Of Summer… Wreaks Havoc

The first man on the planet was a grid down, organic gardener. Some days, his knees must have looked like this.

Spending months cooped up inside enduring a long winter followed by an extended spring has negative ramifications all around. The long and the short of it is that I tend to squeeze every moment possible on projects that have gotten backed up. Combined with trips out of town, and all the myriad of other things demanding our time, blogging tends to slip down in priority on the ol’ to do list. Which is ironic, because now is the prime time for grid down gardening subject matter on which to blog about. It’s like the chicken or the egg or something….

I have the framework for several articles conceived. It just takes finding time to put them into words. For a non indoor-sy person like myself, it is difficult to justify spending the hours required working on a post. But they will come. In lieu of full blog posts here as of late, I have been dropping little bits of content on the Growing From Scratch Facebook group page. Be sure to check in there as well, and feel free to post comments and photos of your own self reliant gardening experiences.

Growing Scratch FB screen shot
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In the meantime here is a brief update on my new “from scratch” garden area. It’s coming along nicely. It is mostly planted with sprawling squash, pumpkin, and zucchini. As I switched to some bush green beans in the front garden, I set up the teepee for the easy to grow pole beans. A harvest of radishes has already been pulled as well. On the down side, the surplus roma tomato starts are sluggish.


Before and after. Its progressing nicely. The first two pictures were taken last week. Now its getting difficult to find a place to step in some places. Just as expected.

Thanks for reading. Have fun in your back yard! I appreciate your support of this blog by likes, comments, shares … all the usual stuff.


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