The Forecast Calls For Food

Following on the heels of yesterday’s blog, I thought this video update may be more interesting. It’s certainly more current. Captured just this morning in the mildly sweltering heat and humidity of a fine July morning.

This new grid down garden is modest in size no doubt. It has required a decent amount of time to get it to this point. In a long term power outage, it would need to be expanded, and require quite a bit more time. If there is an upside to an EMP type scenario, its that there would be plenty of time for gardening. It proves we don’t need tillers, chemicals, pesticides or plastic mulch to feed our families. I won’t always garden this way, but I’m prepared to do so in case I have no other choice.

All in all, it looks very promising. It was intentionally sown with easy to grow plants. They are not disappointing. I spotted the beginnings of the first zucchini, and suspect that won’t take long to become harvest size. The beans are racing up the teepee trellis. The squash are sprawling out like the garden is their lazy boy and its time to watch some football. Should be some good eating before the season is over.

If this is your first time reading, be sure to check out the previous posts to see the full story on this no electricity, no gas garden project.

Do you know anybody who preps and gardens in this manner?



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