My Christian Agrarian View Of “Climate Change”… For What It’s Worth

sky cross

If someone asks you a question on a serious, hot button topic, do your best to provide an informed, considered answer. Do it even if it takes many hours and many days to craft a thoughtful response.

Such was the genesis for this article.

Last week, in the midst of a few days of soaring temps and off the charts humidity, I had an epiphany. With sweat dripping off my nose, I was erecting our poor man’s pool when it hit me.


It came in the form of a rebuttal. It was a simple reverse application of the standard pro-global warming response. When in the midst of record snowfall and sub zero temps, they dutifully echo that weather and climate are different (I agree, by the way).

So as I’m leveling this summer’s pool area with sand, it occurs to me:

It’s a good thing that climate and weather are two different things according to what I always read from the earth worship crowd when it’s -20 below. If severe cold and snow don’t relate to climate, then neither does severe heat. It takes some intellectual honesty to accept this.

I decided to post that to Facebook. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but this sparked more response than I expected. Eventually a buddy from my blues band days asked me plainly:

“So Mickey are you saying you don’t believe in global warming?”

This is too big of a topic for a simple yes or no. I began a response, and as it grew in length, I realized our 5 second attention spans on social media would result in nobody reading it. It also became apparent that I should turn my answer into a blog…. so here it goes.

My Response

Yes and no. The “denier” label has become a misnomer as the discussion has largely dropped the pivotal qualifier… “man made”. No, I do not believe in man made global warming.

As a Christian, I believe God the Father created the earth and has a specific plan for it and us. That does not include the world being destroyed by human means.  We, as part of the creation, cannot usurp the creator’s plans for our world. Whatever God turns out to be, it / He is omniscient. There is nothing we can do, or have done, that God did not foresee. That includes the invention of the internal combustion engine, and the utilization of fossil fuels to power them.

With that said, is the earth warming? It may be. I don’t necessarily reject that. But I believe it is arrogant for us to believe that we have a hand in it either way. God tells us in 2 Timothy:

….”3 But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.  For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy,  unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,  holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these.”

Among other lessons, that passage indicates that a portion of mankind will become so proud as to give themselves far too much credit. Many, and I daresay most,  people have an inflated view of themselves. This pride includes believing that we can significantly alter God’s plans for the earth. The folks in Babel held a similar view of mankind’s greatness as they began building that tower to glorify themselves rather than to glorify God the father. Even many atheists know how that story concluded.

It is more accurate for me to claim to support the notion of climate change. Again, however, this nomenclature is misleading. The commonly accepted inference is that climate change equals global warming equals mankind’s negative impact on the planet. On that basis, I reject it. But does the climate change? Yes. Of course. It always does, just as it always has. This is like claiming to support the notion that water changes its form depending on the temperature. Stating the obvious.

But is it truly warming? Both sides of this argument can copy and paste links to charts and graphs to support their stance. One thing is for certain. The data must not have been solid enough to support warming. There is a reason (an agenda?) that the branding was changed from “global warming” to “climate change”. And let’s not forget the many reports about the climate change scientists who were inadvertently caught, or flat admitted that data was falsified or manipulated to provide the results they sought. You can search that yourself. The evil, corporate BIG news outlets and information streams from CNN, your local network news affiliates, and dinosaurs like the New York Times and Washington Post to Google and Yahoo News don’t report or investigate that which goes against their accepted group think. No surprise there.

Why would these climate scientists do that?  Why would they risk their professional reputations; their careers? What could there possibly be to gain from fudging the numbers?

Well, for starters…. money of course. Big, fat, easy, government funding. Shocking, I know. Climate change is a very lucrative gig for the specialized few who are in the position to exploit it. It’s no surprise that Al Gore not only pushes this agenda through dubious propaganda “movies”, but also has somehow procured the rights to sell and distribute some red herring called “carbon credits”. This implies allotting how much energy a person can use. Of course the super rich like Gore and his cronies can just purchase the unused credits of others. Pretty convenient. This way they never have to pretend to feel guilty about flying off to one of their multi-million dollar vacation mansions, and elitist affairs on their fossil fuel guzzling private jets.

WARNING: The man who claims to have invented the internet, uses some foul and God hating language in this audio clip. 


If you have the legal authority to distribute, revoke and / or limit such an invention as these carbon credits, you can exert an awful lot of power and control. We’re not there yet, but its their globalist end game. Speaking of incentives, we might as well throw intimidation, influence, and social engineering into the mix. That is not liberty. That is not America as it was founded. It’s almost as if some in the privileged class would like to “fundamentally change” the way society functions…. to their benefit.

Now consider all the money and job security to be had in research grants, business ventures, and funding for various avenues of education. Not just public school, but money for zoo’s, museums, parks, documentaries etc. The easy money is there for the taking if you’re willing to toe the globalist line and not challenge the climate change rhetoric. Don’t agree with me? How many times have you seen a PBS documentary refuting man made climate change? How many times has Hollywood produced a movie over the past twenty five years that supports natural, cyclical climate change?

The indoctrination is everywhere. I encounter the man made climate change narrative practically everyday in some form or another. Little blips on the news streams. A subtle line in a movie, nature documentaries, driving past billboards on the work commute, lyrics in popular songs. And this all the while without it being a settled matter like the the laws of gravity.  The well known adage of progressive hucksters is that “if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it”. When un-Godly, malicious people dominate the information streams (academia, journalism, pop culture, social media) they can erode your critical thinking by a constant delivery of their message, and their message alone.

Polar bear truth

There is plenty of evidence, and a sizable list of denier scientists who suggest climate change should not be accepted without skepticism. I agree. To do otherwise, makes it a matter of faith; a religion.  Nonetheless, the global warming disciples claim a 97% consensus in the scientific community. Whether true or not is debatable. But there is no denying that a majority of everyday people seem to believe this. I view this type of compliant group think as “the wide road”. That is the path the Bible warns us not to follow…

Matthew 7:13-14 Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

But let’s get back to following that money. Without question there is “something” to be gained by touting man made global warming within academia, that molder of young minds, the leaders of tomorrow.  Surely there are financial incentives and goodies for colleges and professors that indoctrinate their students with teaching this as “established science” without a genuine articulation of the opposition perspective. Isn’t college supposed to be an examination and exchange of ideas?  How about sham “green” companies like Solyndra. I bet you forgot all about that. Over $500 million dollars in wasted taxpayer money so we could feel good about ourselves. The list goes on and on.

So let’s see… money, power, control. It is grossly naïve, and patently disingenuous to believe that there is nothing to be gained from promoting the hysteria of man made global warming. As is so often exclaimed these days… WAKE UP!!!!!

Earlier I mentioned that I’m a disciple of Christ. In this debate that predictably brings about the questions about stewardship of the land. Some mistakenly believe that Christians, by default, must be draconian in our reverence for the earth and all things “green”.  Salatin Steward culture magIt’s true that God expects us to take care of the earth, and to be good stewards of all His creation (that includes how we spend our time and the money He provides us). He gave us the earth’s resources to utilize them. Just as He gave us dominion over the animals, mankind was tasked with using and tending to the land. So, yes, maintaining the welfare of the environment is important. More importantly, it is a Godly directive.

That begs the billion dollar question: to what extent?  To what extent are we supposed to allow or limit our utilization of God’s gift in order to conserve it? I do not know a single individual on the “global warming denier” side of this argument that wants an unhealthy, uninhabitable planet. Everybody supports clean air and water.

So where does that leave the Christians? Are we expected to support anything and everything in the name of utilization of the earth that God provided? Of course not. If some business entity’s bottom line directly equates to running roughshod over the provable state of the environment, we can and should oppose it. I wouldn’t agree to dumping nuclear waste into the oceans even though I presume, with God’s will, we could survive such a malfeasance. Climate change cannot be irrefutably correlated to man’s carbon footprint, no matter how much pagan scientists claim otherwise. Weaving together data and stats can always be constructed to achieve a desired end. Remember, there are financial incentives to do so.

Emotions are a fool’s guide

Like it or not, mankind’s path brought him to the Industrial Revolution. This requires fuel. We have made ourselves dependent upon it. So demonizing man’s use of fossil fuel is a fool’s errand. There is currently no viable alternative. Wind and solar are great, but they cannot currently supply the needs of our post industrial age world. Maybe someday they will. We should support research into alternative energy. However, it should be more aggressively scrutinized and frequently audited however to ensure that kickbacks aren’t being doled out to political campaign contributors as was the case with Solyndra. You may not recall the role that  “evil rich white guy”  George Kaiser played in that mess. The green energy Democrat billionaire was an Obama campaign contributor and fundraiser. Probably just a coincidence, right?

Lest ye think I’m a shill for the Republicans, let me assure you I am not. Unlike Fox News, I try very hard to actually be fair and balanced. There is no doubt that political payoffs occur on both sides of the aisle. Republicans are engaged in tit for tat chicanery too. The primary difference is the special interest involved. As pertains to this discussion, that special interest is green energy…. and the votes it can buy.

Solyndra Obama cartoon

So, we have to assess what situations are truly detrimental from a business first, environment second perspective, and which are simply politically motivated and emotionally button pushing.

I maintain that the green agenda is powered by the motivation of lining big corporate pockets and political quid pro quo. President Obama’s Solyndra debacle was just the poster boy. There certainly are others. Furthermore, I believe there is an additional, more heinous aspect driving the eco-obsession movement that parallels the march of progressive, socialist desires for a one world government. A global, centralized authority is exactly what God tells us about in Revelation and other prophetic scriptures as in the book of Daniel. Be careful what leftist utopian fantasy you wish for. You just might get it. Actually, you WILL get it …..eventually. Spoiler alert; you’re not going to like it.

Until then we must evaluate our own personal stewardship. There is no better way to care for the earth than to be involved with the small scale, regenerative farming and organic gardening lifestyle in some capacity. That’s how it used to be just a few, short centuries ago.

Imagine if everybody produced some of the food that they consume. This would take a lot of pressure off of the BIG agriculture industry, an industry that is far from eco-friendly due to government programs and the production demands placed upon it.  I don’t blame the small farmers. I blame society as a whole for turning its back on the natural cultivation practices of the land in favor of ease, convenience and leisure.  Imagine a return to a more agrarian based society where farms were run by generations of families again instead of remote corporate boardrooms with their metrics, spreadsheets and their Type A lemming mindsets.

While we stare at our screens tweeting, texting, posting on Fascist-book, indulging in superfluous gourmet delights and glorifying ourselves with yet another ego stroking selfie,….. the top soil is diminishing. In some areas, the water tables are even being overloaded with nitrates from the liquid manure sprayed on the fields. All because we’ve become too soft, lazy and industrial dependent to steward the land ourselves the way God intended it to be cared for.  It’s easy to parade oneself as an earth hugging champion when the chemicals and machines are quietly doing all the hard work….. and damage, behind the scenes.


Isn’t it ironic that the same people who hyperventilate over supposed man caused climate change are the very same ones who would never consider hanging their laundry on a clothesline? Talk about your solar and wind energy. What if everyone returned to allowing the sun and a light breeze to dry their clothes when possible. That alone would cut down an immense use of fossil fuel driven energy. Most can’t be bothered with that toil however. Besides, our precious 21st century birthday suits must be swathed in the absolute softest and fluffiest clothes that fabric softeners can provide.

Or how about our yard care? Paying a professional service to dump toxins on your grass to achieve a trophy lawn is your prerogative. But stop kidding yourself. There may be some exceptions, but by and large, it’s not eco-friendly. There are plenty of those who are adamantly convinced of the negative effects of carbon emissions. Yet they don’t seem to have any trouble sleeping at night knowing full well that their half a million dollar, climate controlled home is far more square footage than they really need. Or that their motorized toys and tools, the snowmobiles, chainsaws, jet skis, boats, lawnmowers and status symbol testosterone trucks, or their multiple vacations jetting off to wherever… are all contributing to the perceived problem that they are wringing their hands over.

On the rare instance that the person is not neck deep in debt, I do not envy or begrudge anyone who can afford to enjoy these liberties and fruits of their labor. But don’t insult the intelligence of global warming deniers by pretending to be so sanctimoniously concerned about the environment while enjoying a lifestyle replete with non essential, gas powered recreation and convenience. Its unbecoming.

A final thought. An observation I cannot ignore. Although it is not exclusively true, there is a strong correlation between a person’s view on this issue  and their belief, or lack thereof, in a one true God and creator.

Generally speaking, I suspect that the most ardent supporters of the man made global warming / climate change faith are predominantly non believers in Christ. At best they may be Christians, but chiefly Christians in name only; talking the talk, but never producing any fruit as a natural byproduct of their faith. There are always exceptions, but those who have a studied and scriptural understanding of the Word tend to believe, as I do, that the triune God of the Bible is in control. Not man. These Christians tend not to esteem the planet more highly than they do that which they understand to have created it. I do not express this opinion to intentionally offend anyone. Nor do I say it to raise myself up on an unmerited pedestal of self righteousness. It’s just an observation based on the trends of society. It’s honestly hard to argue otherwise.

There is a distinct connection.  For many who reject the notion of a creator, mother earth often becomes their god. The hyper-protective attitudes towards the earth becomes their religion. It is sometimes so highly regaled as to super-cede the welfare  of their fellow humans. Twenty odd years ago, I suggested to someone that the global warming movement was the new paganism. The person scoffed. It was still just emerging then. Today it’s practically a full blown cult. While those who are fervently “green” may not hold formal sacrificial rituals, their extreme reverence for the planet is most definitely a form of worship. For a group that largely decries organized religion, theirs is very much organized. They pass the donation plate, they congregate, and the hymns they sing are usually led by someone with a bullhorn.

This is indeed a religion to them. A misplaced devotion. In America, they still have the freedom to express this religion. Yet, this is truly a faith without borders, a worldwide movement. It’s also a snare.

The warm fuzzies can be intoxicating. They can impair one’s sight and sound judgment. Emotions are a fool’s guide. This love affair with the environment at all costs is rendering people unable to distinguish the (globalist) trees for the (feel good) forest. Freedoms are diminishing. The noose of control is slowly being tightened. This will lead to fascism on a global scale. It will lead to one world government dictating to the children and grandchildren of today’s eco-warriors what the bounds of their state approved liberties are.  It will determine what they can eat and how much. It will determine how much energy they need. If they get sick, the state masters will determine if the amount of healthcare required for them to recover makes them qualified (expendable) or not. A singular leader will emerge from this government. They will pledge their fealty to him, worship him, take his mark. Their ability to buy and sell will be regulated. It has all been prophesied. It will happen. This is what the environmental movement is helping to establish. The infrastructure of this anti-God government system is being put in place with every passing day. Its leader will be a pro-earth, anti-God bureaucrat. You know him better as the anti-Christ. He doesn’t love you. He will never die for you.

The climax of the green, utopian delusion doesn’t have to end this way for you. Or your kids. Or your grandkids. All who understand and acknowledge that they are sinners deserving of the just punishment of hell, all who sincerely repent and confess these sins , all who ask Christ to be their Lord God and savior, will be saved. And that’s THE GOOD NEWS!

kneeling crossJohn 11:25“ Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life.[d] Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, 26 and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. 

If you have never accepted Christ, you can today. You can grow from scratch starting right now. It does not require public fanfare. A simple but sincere heart to heart with the God that truly loves you is all that is needed. Confess, repent, live.

Worship God. Not His Planet.

Thanks for reading.



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