Survival Garden Update: No Power Grid Required


For many people, summer is the best time of year. This is especially true in the upper midwest regions where the season often feels considerably less than a quarter of the year.  It is often the busiest stretch of the calendar. With a multitude of projects, responsibilities, and recreational activities on my plate, it is challenging to crank out a regular article to this blog. That sentiment has undoubtedly been uttered by countless start up bloggers. I’m no exception. Life is busy.

On my off days, there always seems to be something that crops up. I’m sure most of you can identify with that. Off the top of my head, I can recall spending time working on home improvement projects, assisting family with personal needs, helping host a 90th birthday celebration, spending a few hours with our church’s neighborhood outreach, and social events for our kids. Additionally, God has blessed us, for the time being, with lake property ownership.

In “the land of 10,000 lakes”, they are usually referred to as “cabins”.  The Buffalo, NY raised bass player from my former blues band however, said they call them “cottages”. Either way, ours is referred to within the family as the “tree house”. It’s a wonderful summer getaway. Nonetheless, the time demand of utilizing and maintaining a second domicile should be obvious.


This is no complaint. I’m grateful. Not just for the treehouse, but for an unending “to do” list. Idleness inevitably leads to trouble, both in a spiritual and a physical sense. Our greatest vulnerability of temptation for sin comes when we have nothing better to do. Suffice to say, I have neither need nor interest in exclaiming “Vegas baby!”. Keeping busy, being productive is a good thing! Spending all your time in leisure and entertainment is not. Self indulgence has wrecked a lot of lives. Not only individual lives, but families; generations of families. The evidence is all around.

In lieu of blog content here on a regular basis thru these busy summer months, I created a Growing From Scratch companion Facebook group page where I can post in dribs and drabs during the lean stretches here. I encourage you to join that group as it works in tandem with this blog. I also encourage and welcome engagement at both locations. The value and appreciation of interaction from readers cannot be stressed enough. If you are also practicing an off grid food production model, I would love to hear about your experiences. Even if you’re not, dropping a comment or a question is appreciated.

The Growing From Scratch Facebook group homepage photo has changed from what you see here. Just search for it. I use this photo here because I like the headline. It doesn’t get anymore blunt than that from a self reliance viewpoint.

Join The Growing From Scratch Facebook Group

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