Not Just Prepper Gardening, But SURVIVAL Gardening….. And More!

Growing from scratch. That’s how things develop. From square one.

My square one, as it relates to this blog, occurred somewhere around 2008. Amid the era of the Great Recession, I became aware of the emergency preparedness  movement that was taking place. By 2010 I was a convert to it, and more importantly, to the self reliance mindset.  Like many others, I recognized how dependent our day to day lives are upon the industrialized food delivery system remaining in tact. It’s well known that grocery stores would be empty in just a few days if there were any major disruption.  This dependence makes us all terribly vulnerable.

So, I  determined to learn how to grow my own food. But not just to grow it using modern means.  No, it was my goal to imitate as much as possible the growing methods of homesteaders in the 19th century. They fed their families without the artificial aid of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, big box store starter plants and commercially purchased soil amendments. They were organic growers by default. More importantly, they had the skills to grow food self sufficiently. Today’s organic growers are oftentimes dependent upon commercial products. That’s fine if all you wish to do is grow healthy food.  Its not preparedness however, and can give the grower a false sense of food security.  Its my aim to go beyond run of the mill organic gardening, and to challenge the concept of preparedness gardening.

So, I have chosen to garden primarily as if I have found myself in a post electromagnetic pulse world in which the power grid would be down for months, or possibly years.  In such a case, the fittest who survived would all be gardening and farming like it was the 1800’s. Proactively learning how to work the land seems a prudent thing to do.  It’s an enjoyable challenge, and a terrific skill builder. I’m going to chronicle some of my self sufficiency adventures, successes and failures alike. I invite you to chime in with your knowledge or suggestions. Much of this is learning by doing. So if you have “how to” advice, drop it in the comments section.


But this site is intended to speak on more than just food production and preparedness related topics. Mixed in will be observations and topical commentaries as relates to traditional Christian agrarian rooted values.  As a product of post baby boom, small town America, my views will be filtered thru the lens of that influence. While self reliance is the general theme, the greater reliance still rests upon the triune God of the Bible. We must never forget that. We are not our own. He created us from the dust. We all grow from scratch.