Back To Eden Gardening…. Sort Of

The power grid was definitely not in operation when the world's first organic food producer, Adam, tended to the original garden. He had Father God, mother nature, his wits, and elbow grease. That was all he required initially to coax food from the ground. Eventually he lost a rib, but gained a co-op partner in …

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Homemade Mosquito Warfare Spray

Here is a news flash for you. Mosquitoes are not fretting about terrorism, electromagnetic pulses, or economic collapse. They simply don't care if the grid stops working. In fact, they would likely even rejoice! Think of it from their perspective. No more DEET. No more billows of repellent laced smoke wafting near the prized, fleshy …

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Middle East: Madness Or Prophecy

Man does not live by organic bread alone. Christian agrarians, it is important to not only tend to the growing of our gardens, but to also tend to the growing of our personal, spiritual maturity. This is accomplished by a combination of several activities: praise, worship, prayer, fellowship, and service to name a few. Chief …

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