Emergency Prepper Or Metro Jethro

  "She's my girl, she's putting up with me...." Those are some lyrics I wrote about my wife in this swinging blues song from my former band Cool Disposition.  She does indeed put up with some of my quirky self reliance practices. God bless her! The thought has certainly not escaped me that my brand …

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A New Garden Emerges “From Scratch”

Why mow where you can grow? The thought has occurred to me many times that I need to better utilize my plot of land. As I've mentioned previously, we have a large yard. Yet, even blessed with a homestead on nearly an acre of suburbia, our growing space is limited. Much to my consternation, we …

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Re-purpose It Challenge

What are these, and what could they be used for? Here is the setup. Whatever your flavor of grid down disaster is, pretend that it has taken place. Economic collapse, nuclear war, EMP. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that the electric power grid is down for a good long time. Years perhaps. The …

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